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4 Signs Your Home Electricity is Outdated

Just like any style or trend, your electricity can become outdated as time goes on. Any home built before 1980 could have an outdated electrical system, but there are a few signs to look for before revamping your home’s electricity. At Arnold Electrical Services, we’ve helped many old homes in Chicago update their electrical system. If you’re worried your home has an outdated electrical system, we’re here to help you know for sure. You’re Too Familiar With Your Breaker Box If your electricity is constantly turning off because of a tripped circuit breaker, you probably need to update your home’s electricity. An updated electrical system can handle all your daily electrical needs without any breakers being tripped. Homes that experience frequently tripped circuit breakers have an electrical system that doesn’t supply enough power. If you’re tired of resetting your breaker box, consider making some electrical updates
You Live In Cord Land
A common characteristic of old houses is that they don’t have enough outlets. In the olden days, homeowners didn’t need plugs for various gadgets and chargers. Yet, today, the average household has access to 24 electronic devices and appliances that all need outlets to function. If you live in an old home, the natural adaptation is to buy a whole bunch of extension cords and surge protectors to meet this demand. If this sounds like you, your electrical system may not be able to sustain the amount of power you need from it, which leads to tripped circuit breakers. While extension cords can be a temporary fix, consider updating your electricity and installing more outlets.
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You Have Unintended Mood Lighting
Do your lights dim without you dimming them? This can be a sign of loose electrical connections and damaged wiring. If unaddressed, this can lead to electrical fires in extreme cases. Not only are flickering and dimmed lights annoying, they can also cause headaches for some homeowners. To stay safe and feel better, you should consider replacing your electrical system.
Your Outlets Are Hot
Your outlets are hot – and that’s not good! If your outlets are constantly hot to the touch whenever you use them, there’s something wrong. Outdated outlets will sometimes make buzzing noises or pops. Hot outlets may signify corroded wiring, moisture inside the outlet or loose wiring, which can lead to fires if it isn’t treated. Call an electrician on our team immediately if you notice that your outlets are hot to avoid danger and take care of the issue.
Your Home Is Over 40 Years Old
If your home is over 40 years old and it’s never been renovated, this is a sure sign that you need to update the electrical system. Although this does require some time and investment, replacing outdated wiring and outlets can make your home safer and identify issues before they lead to a fire. Schedule a home electrical inspection to determine what changes you should make to keep you and your family safe.
Update Your Electrical System Today!
If you live in one of the old homes in Katy, Gold Star Electrical Services is the place to call for any electrical updates. From home electrical inspections to outdated electrical replacements, we can help make your home a safer environment that meets your electrical needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment!